FlySentinel is a unique, highly advanced state-of-the-art solution for monitoring pilot’s vital functions, measuring human and environment parameters, and for identifying, notifying and preventing potential in-flight risk situations.

It is the first and unique solution on the market, combining latest technology, state-of-the-art design and a possibility of wide area of implementation/usage for industry and end-customer specific needs.

It comes in a form of a wrist monitor and can be used as a smartwatch in an inactive mode. It is the pinnacle of research and engineering.


In the past years considerable progress has been made in development of general aviation technology regarding navigation and flight monitoring systems. However very few efforts have been made to integrate pilot monitoring in the on-board systems.

On the other side, with general aviation expanding and pilots getting older and with more and more comorbidities, the on-board pilot monitoring systems are becoming a crucial part in providing better pilot and flight safety and in-flight risk prevention. Currently there is no monitoring system commercially available to monitor general health and well-being of pilots during the flight.

Currently there is no monitoring system commertially available to monitor general health and well-being of pilots during the flight.


  • Detection and monitoring of potentially hazardous environment parameters: e.g. CO, noise, humidity, heat…
  • Detection and monitoring of pilot’s health parameters: e.g. heart rate, oxygen saturation…
  • Suggestions of corrective or preventive actions to be undertaken to avoid further deterioration or risk
  • Automatic distress call


Human parameters:

Body temperature

Blood oxygen saturation

Heart rate

Environmental parameters:



CO and CO2




All parameters are measured:

  • continuously
  • non-invasively
  • non-intrusively

and uploaded to Sentinel Cloud.

Sentinel Cloud

  • Upload and storage of data from flySentinel device
  • Data analysis and graphical interpretation
  • Reports for medical experts review
  • Getting real-time data update from people wearing the flySentinel device
  • Connection to strategic partners with established telemedicine platforms


  • It detects hazardous environment.  (CO, noise, humidity, heat/cold, G-force)
  • Measure pilot’s physiological parameters (heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, blood sugar)
  • It alerts the pilot should there be any safety concerns.
  • It suggests corrective actions where possible.
  • It sends an automatic distress call in a case of pilot incapacitation.


Designed by a world-known design experts Studio Miklavc, winner of 3 Red Dot awards, the flySentinel wrist monitor embodies the optimal design solution. It is:

  • Intuitive
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use
  • Prestigious look
  • Made from high-tech materials
  • Produced with exceptional quality


The flySentinel system solution can be easily adapted and applied to different specific target groups and industries, offering numerous possibilities for further upgrade and development of functionalities.

Areas of planned implementation:

  • Pilots : flySentinel
  • Firefighters : PiroSentinel
  • Patients with chronic diseases : MediSentinel
  • Elderly : GeriSentinel
  • Home care : MySentinel
  • Military : SoldierSentinel
  • Sports : ActionSentinel