In 1999 Gregor Poglajen and Primož Grajžl first met at Aeroklub Celje when Gregor did training for Private Pilot License and Primož got his glider pilot license.

Little did they know that this common hobby will join them again in a business several years later. With their growing experience in flying they both noticed that during long flights pilots don’t always feel at 100% ant may even have episodes when they feel sick or incapacitated.

They followed the advancement in the airplane instrumentation but soon came to a conclusion that no advancement has been made in the development and the implementation of pilot monitoring systems in the cockpits of glider and motor planes.

They thus started to develop a different approach to the pilots – they wanted to develop a simple, intuitive, non-intrusive but highly reliable and portable device that would monitor pilot’s most important physiological parameters and would warn him/her should the exceed their physiological limit in any of them. Once the basic idea was in place Gregor and Primož produced a proof of concept prototype which they presented to the Jozef Stefan Institute (IJS). Together with the IJS they have created the specifications for hardware and software architecture for the flySentinel device.

Additionally they invited a world-class designer Jure Miklavc to join their team and the three of them now form a core of the MedicoApps company. Furthermore the entire journey of development of flySentinel in MedicoApps was supported with the knowledge and experience of LXNAV company.

In all these years MedicoApps team is growing and currently consists of 7 experts in fields of software and hardware development, industrial design, medicine and psychology.

In the future the MedicoApps team is planning to develop and design devices for different profiles of at-risk populations and professions, all with the same purpose: preventing unnecessary risk and saving lives!