Primož Grajžl:

Co-founder, CEO

Primož Grajžl is a graduate in computer science on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Maribor. He has more than 15 years of experience of computer development, team leading and management. He was developing large ERP and POS systems in EU and USA. Among other he was developing system in IBM(Raleigh/USA) laboratory. Last 5 years he co-founded 3 start-ups and in all three startups he has made a significant contribution in the management and development of the companies.

He was also named as »Name of the day« in biggest Slovenian newspaper DELO. In his free time he is a glider pilot and aviation enthusiast.

Gregor Poglajen, MD, PhD:

Co-founder, head of medical development

Attending cardiologist at Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation Programme, Dept. of Cardiology, University Medical Center Ljubljana, Slovenia Assistant professor of internal medicine and cardiology at Medical Faculty Ljubljana, Slovenia.10 years’ experience in research of remote patient monitoring.